"I design jewelry to reflect an individuals personal style - what makes them different. I don't design for trends, I design for the trendsetter".

I've always been compelled to create beautiful things, always driven by passion, creative vision and raw determination. Making art is the foundation upon which I've built my life. ​

Fresh Wood Studio was founded from my desire to create organic, handcrafted jewelry. I've always sought to express myself through bold, unapologetic fashion, so I wanted to create jewelry that expressed that state of mind.​

My work is a labor of love. In making everything by hand it allows me to infuse my own inspiration into each piece in a way that defies commercial jewelry making conventions. I design and create pieces that carry beautiful imperfections and individual rare detail, as I seek to artistically capture the wearers unique personality or the meaning of a special occasion.​

Designing and creating jewelry that can be worn and appreciated by women everywhere is my dream. My hope is that my jewelry inspires others to embrace their own personal style and self expression.

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