"I design jewelry to reflect an individuals personal style - what makes them different. I don't design for trends, I design for the trendsetter".

I've always felt that jewelry had the power to reflect who we are; our style, our personality, our individuality. I didn't want to wear "ordinary" or something that was trending. I wanted something that was different, something that would stand out and make a statement, expressing who I really am.

So with that in mind I created Fresh Wood Studio, a brand of jewerly that when designed strives to reflect an individual's unique style, personality and taste all while using my favorite materials, wood and clay.

My pieces are all handcrafted; creating something that is truly one of a kind. Each piece carries beautiful imperfections and individual detail. There's something about a handmade piece - whether it's just because of the difference in each one, the personal design process behind it, or the attention to how it was made - each details speaks of the person who made it.  I draw inspiration from the outside world to bring color, design and art to each piece I create.

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